Lightspeed Champion

"Midnight Surprise" - Lightspeed Champion

I don’t know about ya’ll but I am in the midst of a wonderful week.  There’s nothing in particular responsible for making it so “wonderful”, nothing happening to distinguish it from weeks that have recently passed.  Everything just feels good.

And keeping my chipper mood company has been a British man of many talents, referred to within the musical world as Lightspeed Champion. He released a new album this week titled Life Is Sweet! Nice to Meet You. and my ears have most certainly enjoyed meeting his enchanting sound.  The harmonies found in a number of his songs give off a Bright Eyes-esque feel, which may not be surprising seeing as the multi-talented Mike Mogis (producer for the Saddle Creek label and member of Bright Eyes) produced his first album, Falling of the Lavender Bridge.  ”Marlene” was the first single released off Lightspeed Champion’s newest album.  While it is catchy, I must say “There’s Nothing Underwater” comes in as my top pick. When those strings prance in at the chorus I am sold.

I’ve included an edit of his song “Midnight Surprise” from his first album released in 2007.  Go back to the beginnings, fall in love, and let it grow.

Sidenote:  The fact that pictures of Amy Winehouse appeared in the image search results for Lightspeed Champion may or may not have further contributed to my love and acceptance of this exceptional fellow.